Wednesday, July 11, 2012


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There is something, incredibly intimate about an EP. I mean, it's like, the Artist takes it upon him or herself, depending, to cultivate a minimum amount of tracks that caters to their sense of Artistry, that still speaks true to a sense of completion. This ideology transcends into my intake of this compilation by California native and Hip-Hop artist, Pheo. The title alone exposes a bit of what the content of the compilation dictates; the seemingly calm, easy-going essence of California-living, amplified by the implication of well, sex.

The tracks generally encourage the warmth of Summer and the need to just lay back, crack open a brew and just chill. This EP is my first introduction to the artist, Pheo and I am thoroughly impressed, to say the least. And, it has definitely been thrown into my Summer playlist. Enjoy; Peace.


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