Saturday, July 7, 2012


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[9-3-12] - In unusual Teff fashion, I shot mostly vertical shots as opposed to a much more favourable wide, horizontal shot. I am beyond pleased with the outcome, however. I love that I am finally able to include my twin in a project.

What I kept brewing in the rear of my mind was 90s editorial. Fortunately, the Universe helped blend the elements that brought my vision to life so perfectly. From the choice in colours to the location. Initially, we planned on shooting outside by some pillars, but the controlled lighting definitely enhanced the appeal of these shots. x Makeup by: Buch Styled by: Her and I (Teff) Shot + edited by: Teff. © 2011-2012 The (MUSE)um Project. Image Hosted by One of my favourites, so I had to post it separately.


Rochelle H said...

shes very beautiful, amazing shot and i love the lighting - i definitely see 90s editorial ^_^

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