Saturday, July 7, 2012


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[25-5-12] - A couple of shots I took of my good-friend, Elijah Pryor, whom some of you may know as Kid-Love due to his acclaimed fame on the Tumblr scene, along with his crew, Tribe NYC. I took these prior to his shoot with Brad of Swagger New York. Eli has widely gained fame and respect for his representation of retro-style and not to mention, that mile-high bit of hair sitting on top of his head. Ha! What's wild is that: when I first met Eli some 2, 3 years ago, prior to either one of us having a blog with Tumblr (in fact, if you check my archive, his photo was my first post, I believe), he was incredibly camera-shy and soft-spoken. Soft-spoken - not to be mistaken with foul-tongued. Ha! 'Cause he definitely took hits at me each chance he got.

At the time, I was a novice in my practicing of photography and I would grasp at any chance to photograph anyone - anything - in the name of perfecting my craft. Now, look at him - biting his lip at me, the little Devil. Ha! I teased him about this, like, "my! how things change". Incredibly proud of the King that he was and is growing to be. I love you, "Kid". Peace.


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