Thursday, August 16, 2012


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[8-8-12] - Prior to the start of the Summer, I entertained the idea of creating my very own photography workshop. And, of course with that thought, arose combating queries such as: "am I equipped with the ability to teach? and "if I do deliver lessons, will I do in such a way, it inspires the student and enables them to soak it all in?" or, "do I even have the patience required to teach?"
All-in-all, I questioned it deeply - deep enough to eventually put it off. As much as I receive questions regarding photography and how to go about developing one's craft and so on, that doesn't ignite the infantry to set off and claim the title, "teacher". I want to extend my self-gathered knowledge with others, but I am in no rush. I am never in a rush. I take time. However, after having given my baby-brother lessons in shooting - manual (lens + camera) for that matter and watching him get progressively better and better within the moment helped me realize, "I can and I should do this". I mean, he sort-of wasn't allotted much of a choice, y'know? Between the hounding and the whining, he unwittingly got a firm hold on the concept, nearly in entirety. So, yeah, I retreated to the drawing-board; may not be soon, but by next Spring, expect a photography workshop, expect an online store, too. (Yeah, I never quit working on that). Though I have not created much in the magnitude that I've set for myself, I have made it my mission to keep busy - made it my mission, to remain with a mission. That's one advice I would give to anyone - to keep busy. Keep busy in a manner that’s conducive to progress and eventually, growth. Keep busy and embrace the overwhelming sense of purpose it evokes. Keep busy and marvel - marvel at all the wonders it yields. Just keep busy. Peace.
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