Friday, August 17, 2012


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I often joke around with close friends [family] of mine about receiving compliments on my sense of Expression [style]. I'd tell them, "I'm flattered, but -- I can't help but feel like I seldom dress how I ultimately wish I could." Surely, it's vibrant, bold and expressive, but the mold -- in my opinion -- is created to be broken every now and then. I can't beat myself up much; after all, I leave it all up to Evolution. The major factor being cost and all, not to say that things of lower cost are without quality or value.
Defined structure - a major element I desperately wish to infuse into my day-to-day attire this coming Autumn. This is where my attraction to Pedro Korshi's structured, over-sized, quilted leather top has its origin. I have long had this vision of finding (or creating) something somewhat similar except, in trousers. I am enthralled by the fact this piece is unlike anything I have ever seen. I am taken by the use of quilted leather as opposed to any other fabric. I Love how the shape commands the After perusing the content of Pedro's blog for what seemed like hours-on-end and concurrently wondering what was the source of his style, this very piece is what caught my attention long enough to realise he is a designer. Hence, the seemingly tailored aspect of his wardrobe. Initially, I was struck with confusion; with such bold, yet subtle features - features characteristic of androgyny, it's nearly impossible to wonder. But I digress. That does not taint the fact that he is absolutely eye-catching and beautiful and, so is his work. I salute you, Pedro; absolutely smitten by this. If you haven't any familiarity with Pedro, visit his blog and get better acquainted. Peace.


T E X T U R E said...

I have been in love with his aesthetic for a very long time. He has definitely inspired me to produce the kind of structured, minimalism I long for in my own life. With online stores such as Nowhere, and Acne being ridiculously out of my price range, the only thing lift to do is DIY.

I actually have plans of making a skirt with that quilt material this weekend, hopefully it does well.

Jannine said...

I really admire your style, your ethos, and (as someone who struggles to write things clearly) the way you command the English language. However, I think you've made a misstep here. To call someone, anyone, an 'it' is truly offensive. There are a multitude of genderless pronouns (ze, phe, or the everyday they) you could have used and I am disappointed that you chose to dehumanize a person with the use of 'it'.

teffTHEdon said...

Hello, Jannine.
Thank you for input, however, my intentions were not to dehumanize. Now, I am not using my intention(s) as a valid justification; whether I intended to dehumanize or not, does not exempt the use of the term from being offensive. I do believe that you brought a bit too much emotion to the translation.

Now, if I offended in my use of the term, "it" to paint my then state of confusion, then I apologize - both to you and to Pedro, considering he may have had a chance to read this (or, perhaps, not). I was simply in awe of the evident androgyny in his physicality.

As for employing the use of alternate terms, I am not familiar with the terms ze, phe and, "they" does not apply. I will re-word this.

Again, thank you for reading and lending your opinion. xo

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