Sunday, August 12, 2012


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[30-7-12] - One of life's greatest delight is the ability to reinvent oneself - devising new ways to address and regard oneself - elevating oneself to new heights. At least, for me it is. And, I make it a point to employ others to align their thoughts to instruments that induce a similar design of progress. Let your guard down, let Love in, lose yourself in Love, find yourself in Love; all-in-all, create room for Love to consume you. Why Love? Simple; to be bound by Love is the most intoxicating form of rebirth. It is with Love and through Love that all is made possible. Love's existence precedes ours. We ease into - some quicker than others - the realization that the essence of life, is the inheritance of Love. And, eventually grow to hold this as truth. I say that to say this: I am teff, the don - the Expressionist; Sun Queen, Moon Goddess. There's something new and rich and abundant in my Spirit and my Being. It seems deep and pigmented in the most brilliant, softest, deepest hues of blues. The New York air commands desire - desire to Be - desire to strive - desire to grow. The longer you remain in it, the more susceptible you are to its influence. You realize the delight in being self-reliant - the individuality that is bred by the singularity, encouraged the social-climate of the City.

Life for me -- as of late -- hasn't been no walk in the park, as they say; life for me hasn't been no bed of roses. More like a thorned bed of roses, really. I have been entrapped in an overwhelming, crippling sense of dread. One that has spiraled into loss of control and governance over my decisions and method of Being. It is, indeed, an ailment I would not dare wish upon anyone else.

I have come into the realization that the good significantly outweighs the bad. You know? I have grown to cling to that. It has brought me here, to this very place I lay, while typing this. I am overwhelmed, I am grateful. I have journeyed this far - I have bore my burden. And, I am pleased to be here - in this moment. I am confident in the opportunities that lie ahead by having embraced a change of scenery. I have accepted my entitlement to the chaotic course of contradictions that precede the production and reproduction of perception and eventual reality. Most importantly, I am thankful.Peace.


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