Wednesday, August 15, 2012


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So, as many of you do not know, I decided to take a semester off - again. I absolutely needed to vacate from the confinement of school-related issues and embrace the freedom emitted from my Art, which I have so unwittingly neglected. This break means I need to keep busy - meaning, more photo projects. Aren't you excited? I'm excited. I'm going to release previews of my work under the assumed title, "The Project Preview" and, yes, they will be released in Verses as opposed to volumes; this will be something like a pictorial scripture. Hallelujah! I will also be dissolving the use of "teffography" in conjunction with the release of any photography work from this point onward.

Verse I - Yeah, so, some of you may have some familiarity with these photos being that I have already shared them via my tumblr. The first two images are from my most recent work, for those of who don't know. This is the second of my collaborative work in my entire duration of photographing. And, It is with great pride and pleasure that I share this with you. It features one of my good friends, Kourtney, whom I’ve known since she was a big-eyed, full-lipped bambino back in middle school and, have watched her blossom into the breath-taking beauty that she is today. Ha! I’m especially infatuated with how this is unlike anything I have ever captured before.
This first shot [one of my favourites, ever] features a third-time collaborator, Zunyda. This time around, I reached out to her and asked that she feature bits and pieces of her designs, this geometrically-structured piece being one of ‘em. I enjoy the body-language in this one; reminiscent of the regal quality seen in the royalties of ancient Egypt. Image Hosted by Verse II - [30-7-12] - An outtake from my recent work with the lovely, Majorr, for a multi-talented, NC-based Artist by the name of, Norma Jean Benson. She reached out to me and asked that I shoot part of the look-book for her upcoming online boutique, which will showcase some of her vintage-infused designs (like the blouse pictured here), as well as garments (gems) acquired from thrift shops. The rest of the photos will be published in conjunction to the launching of her site. I urge you to stay tuned, however. This so happens to be one of my favourite photo series!


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