Wednesday, August 29, 2012


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[23-8-12] - Peace and good morning! I've been up all night, sculpting what I have dubbed Black Gold; Blue Magic. The gold in her complexion, shines at the slightest dim of the Sun's gleam. Her poise, orchestrated by my unwinding vision, speaks true to the Art that is, the Black Woman. Do fail to acknowledge my [slightly] flawed tendency to publish the strongest (or my most favourite) shot of the bunch or set or series first and grasp that "there is more where that came from." With this bit, my Pride overflows.
The shot features a model I had the pleasure of meeting this past AFWNY, Susie, dressed in a Bohemian-style dressed, adorned by a myriad of colours. Makeup was done by myself and styled by I and Zunyda.
The initial tone in the photograph was lively, but was altered to into a deeper hue of blue, as aforementioned, to further accentuate the gold specs embedded in her complexion. Also, when we began the shoot, it was bright and sunny. However, as time passed by, the Sun shifted away and was replaced by a bed of clouds, making it nearly impossible to capture the amount of light that I [thought I] wanted.

Not to mention, some minutes prior to arriving at the location, a fatal incident had occurred. Some deliver had lost control of his pick-up truck and in doing so, consequently ran over 2 pedestrians and pinned a third to a near-by building. We were surrounded by death, to say the least. We came there, unknowing of the preceding events and unable to sift through the crowd's soft roar, as they whispered to the other in disbelief. We learned of it via some media platform, via Google. And, to think that we had just - by sheer luck - missed the madness --
The rest of the photos will be published within the week HERE|HERE.


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