Monday, October 1, 2012


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Upon my invitation to attend Williamsburg Fashion Weekend, via my sister, Jennifer, I thought, "Williamsburg. Hm." And, from then on, my mind began to wander and formulate a multitude of the oddities that is expected of the individuals native to the area. I speak of it as though it's a foreign Universe or entity. Well, that's because in a sense, it is. The thoughts alone stirred my excitement; I grew eager.

Before I go any further, can I just declare how incredibly flattering it was to be mistaken for a model not one, but nearly over 5 times? Here I am, in my 5 foot, 6 inches of glory, walking among these 5'10 and up "glamazons" and still managed to fit in the bunch. Ha! Ah! But I digress.
Backstage provides an entirely different momentum from being in the audience; the energy is as wild as imaginable. My experience at AFWNY 2012, contrasted greatly from the moments that followed upon my walking in. The looks ranged from bold and chic, to bizarre and well, odd. There were dancers dressed as makeshift pixies and fairies and one stood nearly 7 ft on stilts and a fabulously queer man sporting 7 inch long heels and doing so, effortlessly. The scene backstage was a production in itself. Somewhere in the middle of these extremities, the entire production found a balance. The audience got a taste of both worlds and seemingly enjoyed it about as much as I did. My favorites, however, were the works of Nathalie Kraynina and Mark Tauriello. Nathalie collection embodied chicness and poise and her choice in models was immaculate. My fondness for Mark stems from his choice and use of print and fabric. He created his own prints, by the way. I commend any Artist who cares to see a vision all the way through - start, to finish. Peace. Image Hosted by Image Hosted by Image Hosted by


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