Tuesday, October 23, 2012


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[11-10-12] + [13-10-12] - I pride myself on taking an unorthodox approach to my opening statements on a post-to-post basis. This time, however, I seem to be running low on the think-tank. So, this will have to do. On the eleventh of October, I was in roam. Would we call this wordplay? I think so.

I had a meeting run late in the city, which by chance, collided with my boyfriend's evening engagement. Being that I was poorly-dressed for the weather (outfit post may follow this one. If it does, I will insert a hyperlink here. Fun how things are subject to change, huh?), I thought it best to wait for him to head home (we conveniently live off of the same stop, by the same train). Little did I know what this wait would entail.

First, I waited in Chipotle (the one on Spring for my NYers), where I was entirely too cold and too broke (not broke currently; holla!) to entertain a meal. I sat, pulled out my sketch book, one whose pages are ridden by verbal and pictorial sketches, and dove in. For what seemed like forever, I slipped into my self, as I have a habit of doing, and my went quiet. I believe this to be a consequence Eventually, I gave in. I sought a solution, which dictated that I take off my jacket and create a makeshift blanket. Hilarious, I know! Also, I got something to eat.
Then closing time came and, well, I had to seek shelter elsewhere, 'cause of course, it was much too cold to wait outside. Luckily, UO doesn't close till 11pm and it's also well-lit with mirrors and nifty trinkets (had no idea they carried Miles Davis records) and garments and empty at this hour (after 10, roughly). It posed as a most inviting playground for someone who desperately wished to kill time, like myself. So, I played. Peace. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Images © 2012 teff, THE don. Not to used for other purposes without seeking and receiving permission prior.


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