Monday, November 26, 2012


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- [9-4-12] In an effort to usher in some long-overdue posts, I have decided to create a mini and sure to short-lived sub-section. Just until I am through with the publishing each post, that is.
To further illustrate how my overlapping schedule has crippled the fluidity of my posts, take a quick glance at the date. Also, look to lookbook to configure precisely how long ago this was posted. What I find most intriguing is: immediately following the photographing of these pictures, I was painfully eager to share this - like, I gravely anticipated this post. However, got consumed with whatever followed afterward. It happens - losing hold of time and what you intend/-ed to do with it. Anyhow.

As 2012 comes to a close and 2013 draws near, the need to free my to-do list of occurrences within the year grows progressively dire. I have a month and change to play catch-up, to say the least. Woo! Heaven, I pray I find time. Given the gravity of the newly-established projects - having kicked-off a joint-collaboration with dear friend, Zunyda, for one. Together, we go by, "The Arche-tects". I have my hands in a few more works, as well. As a result, I am entirely more busy these days than usual. I suppose that's the price I have to pay for dreaming and reaching for the realisation for said dreams. All-in-all, incredibly excited to be doing what I have always seen for myself and eager to invest time where it will do most good. Peace.
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MiKu said...

great style.....
I love it!!!!!
Love, MiKu

Melanie Owusu said...

So dope!! :) xo

teffTHEdon said...

Thank you, ladies! (:

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