Thursday, November 29, 2012


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Photographed by: Slick Jackson.

[28-11-12] - Peace, world! I hope these words sit as well with you, as it does me. It takes a special brand of perception to understand that: quality work, requires quality time. I came into this realisation shortly after moments of self-imposed criticism; I wondered why and when will I begin to put much more action, behind words. And, to what extent was I willing to see myself go? Do I continue to make this journey alone? It occurred to me it had happened again - self-evaluation, the token catalyst to self-growth - had happened again. This time, however, it transpired a bit different. I realised I had reached that very moment most do when they grasp onto the fact they're finally doing what they've longed to do - for what seems like entirely too long. And, your heart beats three beats too fast; your palms, remain sweaty; your thoughts, cluttered, yet fluid; your eyes, bright; your words, more fluent. If this is what the beginning feels like, there's no telling the quality and brand of high that awaits me once I reach the zenith. I am excited, however - excited that the Universe has permitted the merging of myself and my partner, Zunyda's paths.
Here are some behind the scenes shots taken while filming “The Archetects Presents: The Prelude” with Slick Jackson yesterday. The Archetects is a creative, collaborative effort comprised of visual Artists, inclusive of myself and dear Zunyda, with a focus on infusing structured with free-form Art. Peace. Image Hosted by Image Hosted by


Nini said...

love your friend's haircut

Mimi Walker said...

Both of you look fly always:) Um I was wondering how long it took your hair (the front) to get like that

Akinyi Ragwar said...

I'm stopping by your blog, I'm deciding to follow you. If you would like to follow my blog at

For your post, I like the photos and your style!

xoxo Akinyi

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