Thursday, December 13, 2012


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- [6-12-12] - There is nothing I enjoy more than wandering aimlessly — in any street, in any avenue; transcending dimension; physical, mental, emotional, Spiritual. Hence, the wordplay seen in the term, Roaman. My self-designed mantra dictates: Will. Wander. Wonder. Wallow. Weep. Win.

These photographs were taken during my first trip to Jersey in nearly 4 years. The trip constituted indulging in The Archetects-related work, much-needed delicious Dominican food (Zunyda’s Dominican, by the way) + more. When I was in high-school, one of my close friends was of Dominican descent and I literally planted myself at home, simply to delight in the dishes native to her culture.
It's always thrilling, when getting to know someone, taking in as much of them as you can, assessing, analysing and relating. Zunyda and I have only known each other for as long as I've been blogging (she was one of my first followers on here), but only graduated to a more personal level upon being contracted to do a shoot for her early last year. Over time, we sought out and embraced our commonality in aesthetics. Hence, the key reason to our current collaboration.

What I find most amazing is the fact I have had this project in the planning stage for quite a while, it was just a matter of finding a befitting partner whose vision, determination and skill complemented mine. After all, quality work requires quality time. And, I am grateful I cultivated patience and waited. Peace.


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