Monday, December 10, 2012


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- [12-11-12] - I have this incredibly foul habit of assuming this blog and my tumblr share the same array of readers. Usually, when I post something here, I fail to post it there and, vise-versa; resting on that very assumption. As a result, I'm nearly sure a good number of you get lost in translation. But I digress.
With immense pride and excitement, I present to You, a sample of what I have come to call, Alchemy (it was initially regarded as The Prototype, but was most recently changed to a much more fitting term) - a preview to an upcoming joint-collection with myself and good friend/fellow Artist, Zunyda Maya. I design and, well, she performs the purest form of magic in her sewing skills. As aforementioned, I initially intended to release this on my birthday (November 8th), but regretfully, due to Hurricane Sandy and her setbacks, I couldn’t. With this bit, you can see a piece of me with the three-pleat knee-patch detail; to know me is to know my fixation with the concept of Three.

In the meantime, click here to watch The Prelude - a short, documentary-style I directed to illustrate who we are, what we do, what we intend to do and much more. More information to be released to along with a video + photo lookbook on 12-12-12. Peace.


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