Monday, December 31, 2012


Directed by: Scott Ross.

It's unlike me to feel this disconnected from music. The only entity capable of garnering my attention in abundance is Love. Then, of course, there's music. It's been a three and a half scores since I posted anything music-related on here. And, for that, I am deeply sorry -- to you and to myself. What better way to break the ice none other than one of my new-found favourites from Toro Y Moi simply 'cause I just learned most recently that we were nearly birthday mates (he's 7th of Nov., mine is on the 8th).

I'm a big admirer of effortless cinematic cool, especially in music videos. That's a sure element the music world seems to be missing nowadays, you know? I feel that's needed. The new-age formulaic way of creating and executing videos is not at all suitable to my liking, for the most part.


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