Thursday, March 28, 2013


Directed by: JMSN.

When a small piece of you, boldly intrinsic in nature, roars and commands the attention of a stimulant and you are left, a subject to its bidding. I am a slave to that small bit of me. Call it the inherent, pulsating desire of the subconscious to seize -- call it whatever. Love is native to this space. Art is native to this space. Passion is native to this space. Expression is native to this space.

Now, I have had this song on repeat for the past month or so and, frankly, as usual, I felt compelled to share. Ironically enough, a past Lover urged me to revisit the ambient, mood-demanding sounds of Detroit, Michigan native, JMSN. He concluded so on my unwavering fixation on Torontoan, The Weeknd; he was right. The appeal here lies in the diversity. See, I always find myself drawn to multifaceted Artists -- those who do not restrict expression to one, single medium of Art. Besides, if you believe yourself an Artist, there is a very strong possibility your prowess is not limited to the confines of the Art you excel and/or practice the most. Anyways, drawing back to the point-at-hand -- JMSN is not only a singer, but a designer, producer, music engineer -- to name a few. He wears many hats, and does so, well. I have strong admiration for the fact he wrote and produced, †Priscilla†, then went on to direct the videos as well.

This particular track stood out to me the most; it's very reflective of my current state; both mental and physical. Peace.


Milex said...

totally obsessed with it.

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