Monday, September 2, 2013


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- [5-3-13] - Coincidentally, one would think that's where I've been, huh? Ha! Hello, everyone! Have you missed me? I've missed you. After putting off returning to blogging on here due to the expulsion of my enjoyment of its structure, I have returned. My good friend, Michael was kind enough to at least provide me with a new header; conceptualised by me of course. I realise that everything can not be according to my standards, but I am a firm believer in never half-assing. I am not fond of giving ill-thought out gestures; it's either I am giving it my all, or nothing at all. And, that's the space I've occupied for a great portion of the summer. The bright side, however, is that in my absence, I have seen great progress in my field of work. It's crazy, 'cause I have a bit of denial where it comes to my degree of influence; I'm aware, yet reserved. You know? It wasn't until I took sometime off from school and returned to NYC. I would sail the streets and be approached by Loving people, offering words of honey, telling me how much my work and methods of self-expression has helped them. Overwhelming, to say the least, but I welcome it. I love Love. So, with that said, I will do my best to keep the lot of you updated until the new look for this site is completed. I was amazed to find that I gained nearly 60 followers, having been idle. That's Love and I am grateful to you guys who tuned in, even though D&&D appeared clearly deserted. Perhaps, it's 'cause I maintained my Tumblr more frequently than before, so you weren't too out-of-the-loop. It's been so long, and I am reacquainting myself around the elements required to produce the same quality you guys are used to, if not more. You guys have been patient enough, and I hope you will continue to be. Stay with me. Peace.

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by Image Hosted by It wasn't too long ago that I began teaching my little brother, King his way around the Art of photography. I warned him that it was Spiritual. I am entirely certain that that statement was met with a side-eye and a half, as well as some questions regarding my mental stability. It wasn’t until this very day did those words rang true for him. See, he had been jittery and uneasy and complained incessantly about how cruel and brutal the cold had been. Mind you, this is the same 6’2, two-hundred-something pound kid that walks around in a T-shirt in the dead of winter, and may have even played a football game or two in it, complaining. Naturally, I knew the cause was his eagerness to leave the picture-taking for the dinner party — as previously agreed upon for the sake of even exchange. The pictures kept coming out terrible, take after take. I urged him to calm down and breathe; the photograph, no matter how seemingly simple or frivolous, will only come out as good the person wielding the camera. After a while, he noticed a pattern — each time he paused and took a breath, it translated well in each photograph. Eventually, I watched him silently pinch his Spirit as he spoke words of assurance, urging me that I was in fact right. Art is Spiritual. Art is emotional; do not expect anything less.


Charisse AuthenticDuplicate said...

I love loved this post! Glad to see you back!

teff, THE don said...

Yay! Thank you.
Glad to be back.


Twin Vibes said...

absolutely love your blog<3

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