Monday, September 16, 2013


Image Hosted by Image Hosted by Image Hosted by - [30-7-13] - Myself and my sister, Jennifer (of Beau Monde Society) had been itching to have a day out the entire summer. First, our schedules were conflicting, then our excuses followed. Finally, we just decided to do without planning and just wake up one day and sail the streets of NYC. I was adamant on taking her to SoHo's Australian-style cuisine, Ruby's Cafe (it's on Spring and Mulberry if you ever want to check it out). I had been there once before and the eagerness to return was beyond me. It's undoubtedly one of NYC's glorified little eateries. Y'know -- one of those locations that you just sort of stumble on while walking about; its outside appeal would scream "whole-in-the-wall", but its food and service would have you convinced otherwise. If you walk too fast down Mulberry, you're liable to miss it; that's the depth of its subtlety. Though it's food is nothing less of that; their menu is inclusive of this phenomenal burger (and, mind you, I can count how many burgers I've had in my lifetime) that I find thoroughly enticing. It reminds of me of this burger my mum and I used to share back at her office in Nigeria circa nursery school days. It's called the "Bronte" burger; you could almost feel the freshness in each bite.

You know, I look back at my last three sentences and come into the realisation that I am literally scribing an ode to a burger. But you see, that's just how great it is. In contrast to its compeers, Ruby's serves its burgers/sandwiches with a side of the freshest baby spinach with a subtle overlay of caramelised balsamic dressing. I compare my experience with the Bronte with that of having a burger/sandwich at any given fast-food joint; in fact, I don't know why I bother; it's incomparable. Afterwards, I am not overwhelmed with the "food" I just consumed, you know? I believe their buns a in-house and freshly-made as well. But the thrill does not begin and end with the burgers; my first time there, I had the "Creamy Chicken Pasta" and boy, -- delicious. Enough about food. Ha! I'm killing myself here just reminiscing. Do me a favour? If you do visit off of the nature of this post, please e-mail me (consult with the sidebar). I'm curious to learn about your experience. Peace. Image Hosted by The Bondi -- grilled chicken equivalent of the Bronte, I believe.


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