Monday, September 2, 2013


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- [26-4-13] - A friend of mine reached out to me regarding a neat, fun little summer project he was working on, centered around polaroids. His goal was to capture as much of the essence of summer through individuals whom he thought were exciting and inspiring. I was immediately ecstatic, as I don't recall ever being photographed with a polaroid. I mean, I can not recall the last time I held a photograph in the palm of my hands; the idea of it, alone, had me brimming with joy prior to the day-of. He photographed some for his project, and let me have some for keepsake.
We also had plans of having a day-out, engaged in things we share a commonality for. So, naturally, we went thrifting in the West village where I saw this amazing mural (I'm incredibly fond of murals), then walked to Union to have dinner at my favourite Thai spot, Spice. I recall marveling at the fact I dress just right for the weather. See, NYC's transition weather can be super tricky; one day, you're in sweats and shorts, the next, in trousers and a tank top. I love it, though. In fact, I wouldn't have it any other way. Peace.
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