Monday, February 21, 2011


Nah, I love the nightlife and all but there's really no place in my heart for clubs. It's not a place that I have ever looked forward to being not to sound morbid or anything but, well wait, maybe it's just the clubs that I've been to. The idea of being surrounded by sweaty, ill behaved individuals (for the most part), not to mention it's a primary hunting ground for the human male variation of DOGS! Guys grabbing you, girls who are reluctant to take showers before heading to the club, ugh just bad vibes man, bad vibes. lol that brings me to these pictures, I don't go to clubs, therefore, I do not own club attire. An acquaintance of mine dragged me to the club some time last November. blah! Can't believe I did not post this pictures...ummm, in a more prompt manner. Ooops!
I'm so considerate, huh? I just knew you guys wanted to see photos of my crotch!

lol while I was at the club, this photographer approached me for a picture and I refused him and he mumbled, "oh, so you think you're a celeb, huh?" Muhfucka, get outta here; I don't want to remember this night. Shit! Besides, I got my own camera. If I want a photograph, I'll take one my-own-damn-self!


horsdelaboite said...

Lol i Cant Stand Clubs Myself
But Sheeeshhh what planet are u From..We Need More People Like You In this World..Simple and Crazy
I love your Blog
Please check out mine i will love to have feedback from u :)
Merci Enormement
Gros Bisous

KidTeffy said...

lol thank you love! will do! thank you for reading. (: <333

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