Saturday, June 11, 2011


As I sit in this computer chair, I am wandering around my mind in search of words to properly express the thoughts and emotions evoked by the content of the video. I watched this preview about a week ago and as the scenes altered, I felt chills creep down my spine. It's widely-accepted truth that this dark-skinned vs light-skinned controversy stems from the presence of slavery. The root of it is not even what causes me great hurt, it's the fact that, overtime, we--as a people, that is, have fueled and aided in its growth. It is fueled by the human mind's subconscious need for the presence of hierarchy. It is fueled by self-hatred. It is fueled by ignorance. This controversy seems like it'll only grow to be more potent. I will admit that when I was much younger, my sisters and I used to joke about how undesirable it would be to have a child that was dark-skinned. This memory was sparked by the scene of the child whose perception is so altered--at an early age, that she believes that the smarter child is lighter or that the ugly child is darker. Meanwhile, she's dark-skinned. Thank God for that I have reached this level of enlightenment that allows me to see beauty in anyone, despite the color of their skin. This vicious self-hatred that exists within the Black community is ugly. So ugly. It'll continue to cripple our community until WE do something about it. The fact that there are women who don't delight in the beauty of their natural hair tears my heart apart. Racism within a specific race is also present outside of the African-American community. I've heard numerous stories of dark-skinned-Dominicans being discriminated against by lighter-skinned-Dominicans. I've also heard and I'm certain I'm not alone on this one, "oh, she's pretty for a Mexican". I don't know about you, but that doesn't compute to proper logic to me in any way, whatsoever. This is a controversy that evokes varying responses and opinions. For example, the young woman and man who were questioned on the nature of African-American hair and the role of skin-color when it comes to dating respectively. I wonder, when they do look back, do they realize how stupid they looked afterwards? I certainly hope so for the sake of generations to come. This venomous perception need not exist. It has been and will continue to cause the strength of unity to diminish overtime. Change has to be triggered and spread to all ethnicities who suffer from this disease and it can only start within ourselves as individuals. I am anticipating the completion and release of this film. I hope that it causes a great impact on a lot of young minds. By young minds, I don't mean strictly children of a young age; there are a lot of adults who are maturing in age, but not at all in the character of the mind.


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