Sunday, October 2, 2011


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Mystery? Who is she? She is the sole element of attraction, the driving force that entices all of mankind. She is the spell that compels you to seek and desire life and all that it is and all that it could and should be. To explore, to live, and to love. I hold the claim that the element of mystery, along with other things, is the catalyst to most relationships and soul-to-soul interaction in general. That you seek someone out because you desire to know what it is about them that captivates and commands your attention so imperiously. Mankind thrives off of the thrill of mystery so much so that even when in the absence of it, we seek it. It is that which dictates our conduct. The reason we desire foreign experiences with people, love, food, art, etc. Mystery; what a beauty. Speaking for myself, I don't delight in predictability; it sours situations and extracts the element of delight. It's like reading a book, you delve in three pages deep and can determine the course of the plot. Do you still hold the desire to proceed and explore the book further? No.

In case that analogy didn't quite sink as deep as intended: have you ever been the victim of a loquacious individual? How pleasant was that? How awful and distasteful was it for you to learn all that there is to know without questioning? These are all rhetorical, but do reflect. The element of mystery is essential to life. Achieve it, delight in it.


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