Thursday, October 20, 2011


Upon the release of Oakland-native, Mara Hruby's rendition of Mos Def's "the panties", I was a bit reluctant to entertain it fully. I suppose the situation was synonymous to receiving news about a remake of your favorite film. In your adoring heart and mind, it was finely executed; there isn't a need for a remake. Over time, after enduring a close friend's mild obsession with the track, I eventually caved in. I am delighted to admit that she indeed, recreated the energy of the song effortlessly and elegantly. As I sit here, writing this--while listening to her debut EP titled, "From her eyes", I am indulging in the experience that is Mara Hruby; divinely soothing to this fine Thursday night. The more I listen, the more I realize the EP is constituted of some more renditions such as Andre 3000 and Norah Jones' "take off your cool", as well as Bob Marley's "is this love" --classic records in my opinion.

She embodies this brand of elegance and poise I can't quite paint with words. That brand of beauty present in Black iconic female figures in the late 50s-late 70s era. The likes of Dorothy Dandridge, Lena Horne and so on. I am pleased that she seemingly recognizes that and presents herself in that light. Much love and respect to Mara. Hope to see her ascend into her throne of eminence.


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