Friday, February 17, 2012


Filmed by: The Video Mouse.

Two of my favourite things engulfed in one: fine tailoring and fine filming. I grew up with a father who exercised his versatility through several business ventures. One of which was owning a boutique that catered to the culturally-enriched as much as it did its opposite which later on spun into the creation of his very own clothing line. Over the years, every suit I have ever seen my father in was tailored to his fitting, evolving from a strong taste in English to Italian cut respectively. The man who wishes to marry me has some incredibly large shoes to fill.

I came across this video while aimlessly perusing the web, it triggered some childhood memories of being in my Dad's shop and became overcame with a compelling need to share. If you are an admirer of tailoring as I am and wish to learn more about L.A-based haberdashery, visit District Homme. Enjoy.


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