Thursday, August 30, 2012


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In the Spirit of remaining in a constant state of Expression, I decided to wear my hair out in Bantu knots. Or as the Igbo people - my people - call it, "ukwu ose". Which in its literal translation means, "pepper root". Now, I have not seen the root of a pepper to understand where the origin of that saying came from. Or? I have no clue. But I digress.

Initially I thought it safe to do something unusual, in a city that is populated with nothing, but the unusual - New York City. However, that still did not exempt me from the myriad of looks; varying from amazement to bewilderment, confusion, admiration and a bit of WTF? Some launched compliments in the midst of their haste, while some stopped for a bit of small talk. They were captivated, in their own individual ways. To make things all the more interesting, I stood, awaiting the arrival of my assistant stylist and model right by the American Institute of Architecture.
I kept saying to myself, how it reminded of me when I first bleached my hair an eye-catching yellowish-blonde. I remember this petite, Hispanic woman stared at me all through the train ride home from Queens to the Bronx. I imagined what the constellation of her thoughts consisted of. Perhaps something along the lines of, "Madre de Dio!" or "aye, today's youth!" and laughed to myself. Sometime before getting of the train, I turned to her and stared right back at her; she did not budge. Eventually, yes. She was hypnotized - hypnotized by my then choice of expression. I like that I exude and induce an hypnotic effect - sometimes, not always. My character is already inherently magnetic as it is. I need not create more reasons to attract attention. Peace.


maphi said...

amazing xoxo

teffTHEdon said...

Thank you, Maphi!

Krisbliss said...

But that's the beauty of being an individual! As long as you exude your positivity and light, who gives what ppl think of you, right? And honey, you're always going to attract attention, miss thang! Hope all is well!


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