Saturday, September 1, 2012


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[29-8-12] - God bless the able bodies, whose dimensions seem endless.
With that said, allow me to share with you my passion for cooking. The essence of it all is the freedom to experiment. I am one to be inventive in any given situation, on any given day. Most notably in the kitchen. The other day, I whipped up one of my favourite go-to choices for brunch - mushroom + peppers omelet/scrambled eggs. This time around, I decided to add some cheese - y'know, to further diversify or, perhaps, heighten its taste palette. In the midst of prepping, I wondered if my audience had ever had the pleasure of having this dish and decided to document the process and share.

The ingredients are as pictured: mushrooms [diced], eggs (I used 3 + I tend to remove the yoke in either one or two of the eggs to regulate cholesterol intake. You can use just egg whites if that's your preference), bell peppers (red + green), white onions [diced or minced], black pepper, salt [I used salt sense or light salt], a blend of parmesan, romano and asiago cheeses [you can do just parmesan] and a pinch of beef bouillon. I don't do measurements; I just tend to throw things in as I see fit and it comes out great (for the most part). So, feel free to alter the ingredients and process to the structure of your preference(s). If you have any additional questions, either e-mail me at or click here to ask me directly. Peace. Image Hosted by Image Hosted by


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