Saturday, September 29, 2012


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So, it is no news that my absence has been abundant in the past weeks or so. My most current post under being dated the 6th of September, I'm sure you're wondering, "well, what exactly has she been up to?" Or, perhaps, not? Either way, that is what creating or seeking a platform on any social media medium is, right? "I'm assuming you desire to hear what I have to say, so I'll just got ahead and spew it, anyway!" Ha! But all jokes aside. It took a while, but it's finally dawned on me how incredibly difficult it is to remain productive, document bits of it, as well as share it all under one breath.

Considering I have never - in Life - acknowledged the actuality of September being deemed "Fashion month", being a first-time participant in its festivities proved, well, I'm not sure how to fit in words just yet. Funny enough, my bit of ignorance may have aided in it manifesting into my most busiest month to-date. I juggled ideas of sharing the recent events in chronological order or, simply throwing them out in a manner of which excited me most. I don't know. I mean, so much to be grateful for. It all spun right from the start of this month. I had not anticipated having my hands in as many projects as I do now, yet I am as overwhelmed, as I am grateful. I think I'll begin with fashion night out; it was my first time meddling in the festivities. I took the liberty to set out on the journey solo, initially, then eventually met up with a friend and a friend's friend and so on. Y'know how that tale goes. Upon stepping off the train, I arose to a slew of people; some well-dressed and others, in their illusive idea of what it is to be well-dressed. I marveled at the former and worried deeply about the latter. All-in-all, it was a sight to take in - all foreign to me. I am very fond of being embraced by foreign experiences and things, in general. There was a sort-of whimsical scent in the air, brought on by the occasional thunderous vibes echoing in the air. Part of which was a consequence of the myriad of music escaping from various events taking place from store-to-store. And, the other, from the soft roar of whispers from the side-conversations that took place.

Shortly after getting lost in the bit of madness and meeting up with the lot that I parlayed with that night, the gods upon me by bidding the acquaintance of me and none other than the quintessential, Pharrell Williams. Prior to, I rehearsed over and over - in my head of course, what I would say to him. And, in what order. And, which was more important. I virtually picked each compliment and placed them where I saw fit. The time came and my face swelled with a smile, which was immediately reciprocated. Then his attention was taken from my smile, to my hair and compliments seemed like they would never end. I was sick to my stomach with the sweetness. And, I do mean that in a ridiculously good way. It's a rush, y'know - meeting individuals who you can see yourself working alongside with in the future. That's my personal thing, though - desiring to meet celebrities who I can see myself working with. Some people wish to meet them simply for the sake of it, yeah. Not me. Yeah, so, the following day, I met up with a friend of mine - and out-of-towner from ATL to parlay some more with some friends of his. All my years in New York City, and I tried Halal for the first time that day [the 7th]. Overall, feared it would result in a tumultuous upset stomach, but I survived. Which is where a majority of these photos are from. Enjoy; Peace. Image Hosted by Image Hosted by Image Hosted by


MiKu said...

Great pics and your Outfit is sooooo deep...Love the stripes and the skirt is a dream!!!!

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