Thursday, September 6, 2012


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[31-8-12 + 01-9-12] - I thought long and hard about a replacement term for the segment titled, "A 1000 Words". I desired something more me - more original - more weighted. Those who pay close attention will have gathered that I regard myself with a slew of titles apart from the oh-so prominent "the don". Sun Queen, Moon Goddess; The 3rd Element; 11-08; The Expressionist. I have long regarded myself as The Expressionist though I didn't make it publicly known until after having secured the title legally. Then, I declared it in a tweet last year followed by a fairly-detailed blog post sometime towards the close of last year. Or, perhaps, the post came before the tweet? I digress.

I divulged some information regarding a book I am [still] working on that I will publish and its intended title - The Age of The Expressionist. Hence, where the title, The Expressionist's Manifesto was derived from. There's a visual aspect to this current project, which I will present via this segment, starting with this one. There are other things in-store, but I dare not say.

These are honestly some of my favourite self-portraits. Every single detail appeals to my Artistry. But more importantly, my Being. I gave each aspect thought as I constructed, not having conceived any premeditated notions. The outfit itself was conceptualized on the 31-8 but I started late and ran fresh out of natural light, so I had to extend it into the following day. However, I did conduct the editing process to the quintessential Miles Davis' "Bitches Brew". So, I thought I'd let this collective serve as a homage (give it the French pronunciation, please) to the serenity his music has so deeply granted me. Fact: these works were initially titled, "The Tipsy Gypsy". Peace.
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Amanda said...

How beautiful!

TerezDeLu said...

You are beyond amazing and I am so glad that I found your blog

Mimi Walker said...

Love the African skirt! Your hat, your top, your lipstick ...amazing:) xx

MiKu said...

Uffff...look Like a great Diva...Live your hat!!!!!

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