Friday, January 4, 2013


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Day 1-3 of 365, with the exception of one photo that was taken last year. The past couple of days has constituted sleep-deprivation coupled with an irregular sleep sifting quite a bit of magazines, namely that of the home decor sort; see, I once had interior-decorating aspirations. Admittedly, still do. These days have also included clinging to the commitment of my 365 project. I like waking up with the purpose of creating. I used to say this, and quite frequently, too, "to live is to create." So, I wake up and my mind is immediately wandering, racing in an effort to create and/or capture. Venturing on this 365 project is mostly to strengthen my ability to remain consistent. Anyone else on the same kick? Or, perhaps, has anyone done so in the past? How is it coming along? Be so kind as to share with me, if you care to. Peace. Image Hosted by Image Hosted by


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