Friday, January 4, 2013


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- [2-1-13] - In my honest opinion, the best part of creative projects, is awarding it a name. Once you do, it begins to take on character qualities; colour, shape, dimensions, and so on. Stirring up excitement.

A mixture of excerpts from my self-shooting session for my 365 Project, as mentioned in the post below, as well as some shots that are a result of giving my baby-brother, King some lessons (the outside shots were directed by me, shot by my King; the inside are by me).
The year is anew, and brings with it a bittersweet fleet of new projects. Honestly, the may be the only moment I will have to give 95% attention to maintaining my blog(s). Pride will allow me to admit that I am making good with the free time, 'cause come this weekend, I will be plunging into a sea of labor. Excitement consumes me, to say the least.
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Nini said...

great outfit

Alicia N. said...

Loving the pattern combination! Nice outfit :D


teffTHEdon said...

Thank you!

Lateisha Turner said...

your style is amazing fuking incredible love i never really come across people with different styles everyone is quite the same but you my dear you got it lolll

Inga said...

love these pictures.

Isabelle said...

i love so much the mix of the prints !

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