Friday, January 4, 2013


After reviewing distinguished NY-based men's style blog, Street Etiquette's recap and coverage on their recent trip to Luanda, Angola appropriated for an installation titled, Travel Etiquette, I settled with posting this very video. The visuals of which immediately hit home; the instant I spotted the razor+comb combo, I was transported to one of the most memorable moments of my childhood.

See, my parents arranged for my older brother to have a barber on-call for reasons I cannot recall. The barber had been this young neighbourhood boy who just happened to be well-versed in the art of barbering. He, too, used the razor+comb combo, as do most barbers do in most parts of Africa given the natural and explosive Spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation ushered in by scarcity of luxuries such as electricity and so on. I remember marveling at the precision the Art of wielding a razor+comb combo required and, how the results were just as compelling as utilizing a pair of clippers. I see now, after not having been within the realms of home, Africa in over a decade, that that skill still holds water. I can begin, but words will fail me if I began to express how refreshing it was to see this -- to get a brief, yet fulfilling taste of what home entails. To view the coverage in its entirety, click here. Enjoy; Peace.


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