Saturday, January 5, 2013


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- [4-1-13] - A vast array of emotions consumed me at the thought of creating, every day, consistently, for an entire year. However, the concept of having to apply makeup on a daily basis did not arouse me in the least bit, considering I seldom do. I recalled an idea I shared on this blog probably two years ago, then presented to my fellow Archetect, Zunyda sometime over this past summer. It is, sadly, a concept that has perhaps been implemented already, filed under, "[oftentimes] no idea is original". It catered to my desire to have began publicising my work under anonymity. To have tailored my work to project my aesthetics, yet keep the knowledge of my face hidden. To have heard my name dictated in dialogue, with my image unknown to the tongue who spoke it. Sort of like the likes of Banksy and MF Doom. Till this day, very few have the knowledge of how either Artists look. Imagine, your favourite Artist was the stranger you shared kind words with that one Summer afternoon on the subway. Or, perhaps, that neighbour that's adamant on greeting you each morning on your way to work. And, you hadn't the slightest idea. The idea, alone, is crippling in its abundance of thrill.

Since learning an idea I had for a creative project had already been done, I grew a bit discouraged. That is, until I grew overwhelmed by the Spirit of innovation. I tailored the concept to fit me, as depicted in the photographs above and below. I shot this in the course of 30 minutes, however, in retrospect, I can't help but feel like I should have exhausted more time in the shooting process. Perhaps, on a later day, on a different subject.
There is this unspoken sense of allure in the disregard of physical beauty and standards in the work that I so deeply enjoy. I plan to continue to implement the no i-D; anonymity element in works to come. Peace. Image Hosted by Image Hosted by


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