Thursday, September 5, 2013


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- [13-5-13] - When I got word I was scheduled to do a fitting for Cameroonian-born, LA-based singer-songwriter, guitarist, and all-around Artist, Andy Allo,naturally, I grew excited, being that this was my first celebrity fitting. My client Kibonen is of Cameroonian descent as well, and prides herself on boasting the accomplishments of her country-folk. Through those conversations, I learn about a wide range of great acts and talents. And I, myself, am particularly fond and especially proud to learn about my fellow African-born Artists. For those of you who don't know, Andy is best recognised for her work with none other than the quintessential, Prince (the Artist formally known as --). I got the opportunity to watch her rehearse for the SESAC awards and was immediately amazed and how her voice filled the room. Now, mind you, she stands at a humble 5'3; I remember, 'cause I kept teasing her. I also made it a point to appoint her my West-side connect, citing the fact that we both hail from West Africa, and she resides in the west coast. She was such a pleasure, and we literally laughed all the way through the fitting, and even had time to do a bit of window-shopping. Click here to learn more about the Artist. Peace. Image Hosted by Image Hosted by Image Hosted by


kundalini said...

Very cool. I heard her on a few of Blu's tracks a while back. Her kimono (?) is awesome.

Milex said...

It couldn't be any better

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