Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Directed by: Francesco Carrozzini

- Listen. When there's something so overwhelmingly compelling about a tune that I must listen to madly consecutively, it's natural that I must share it. That's the same recurring theme with a majority of my music posts on here, at D&&D. Especially when we're speaking on the wildly infectious sound of one of my favourite producers right now, Sohn. He embodies and produces the quality of music that's fitting for any given situation. At least, I can say so boldly in terms of myself. I have sought refuge in his music more times than I can care to mention. As many of you know, I am incredibly fond of Soulful, moody, melancholic, strophic tunes. So, naturally, upon learning of LA-based Artist, Banks, and already, I love her. Why? I love that I don't much about her, but her music. I can't even begin to explain how alluring that minimalistic factor is to me when cultivating fondness for an Artist. Similar thing with The Weeknd; the ability to maintain that element of mystery is nearly sacred to me. Watch + enjoy; this particular tune is my favourite so far off the London EP. Peace.


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