Monday, October 14, 2013


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Photos by Jia // edits by yours, truly.

- [5-9-13] - It is imperative function of mine, as an individual, to find myself in new surroundings; trying new things; embarking on as much out-of-ordinary ventures as possible. No matter the variety or magnitude. Whether it be with food, travelling (road trips), that new restaurant that just opened up around the corner, and most recently, I took up teaching myself how to draw. Or, rather, as it seems, uncovering a hidden talent? The lot of you whom have been reading this blog for as long as it's been around know that I pride myself on extending the insight I've garnered regarding the infiniteness of the Self and its capabilities. Each day lends lends new reason as to why this philosophy resonates truth.

In this particular scenario, I found myself at Sonic! This is my second time at Sonic in all of life, and I can't say that I've tried actual food; usually dessert dishes of sorts. That was the case here; something about seeing Sonic commercials so frequently, but only having seen 2 Sonic locations since its existence is a bit unsettling. Ha! Perhaps, on my third trip, I will give it a go? Who knows? I'm not crazy for fast food, but I am particularly taken by their unique conduct; most notably, the waiters on rollerskates bit. Has anyone actually eaten at Sonic? What is your take on it? Share some. Oh, oh; quick dissection of my outfit: my skirt is really a shirt; my cardigan is a crewneck sweater cut down front and center and my "T-shirt" is really a T-shirt dress from Armani Xchange. Fuck a box; just think. Peace.
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Inga said...

Love the idea of cutting a sweater like that :) Like this look a lot.

teff, THE don said...

Thank you, Inga!


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