Monday, October 14, 2013


Directed by Jesse Kanda

I am equally taken by the visual product of a gifted and seemingly unapologetic scatterbrain, as I am the mesmerising, fluid, psychedelic UK beauty that is, FKA Twigs. The blend of strophic, melancholic tunes that are characteristic to "background music" -- the sort you allow to linger while engaging in activities of the creative sort, combined with fidgety, stop-motion techniques that has not been present in music video since Hype Williams in the 90s. It is that taste that brought me to doorstep of FKA Twigs's wonderful design of expression. I believe this photo was my introduction to her; I recall thinking how incredibly brilliant and fitting of her to inscribe the word Love on her forehead using her hair.
Growing up, I was a big fan of Artists like Sade, Sinead O'Connor and Madonna; my mum played the heck out of the "Nothing Compares" record and album so much so, the tune evolved into a childhood staple for me. When I hear music that's even remotely reminiscent of similar sentiments that were stirred from listening to songs from the Artists mentioned, I am immediately drawn to it. I'm naturally self-absorbed; I function best within me, and I love music and allows me that luxury and satisfaction.
FKA Twigs is an Artist out of London and to be honest, that's the much I know. Ah! My infatuation with Artists who are vague, and with layers unknown, on display yet again. Same was seen with my initial review on The Weeknd and most recently, BANKS. It allows the music to be heard and the potency to be felt much more deeper when you know the quality of the Art over that of the Artist. An element of allure that is beyond what is practiced and expected in this day and age. Click here for more FKA Twigs. Peace.


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